The Binary Matrix Team!

The EPC magicians behind Binary Matrix Pro and Insured Profits are closing 2014 with an offer that is shaping up to be a HUGE launch!
Affiliates that have promoted their products know that this is not a bold statement.
In fact…
Binary Matrix Pro held ClickSure’s #1 spot for a WHOLE month and stayed in the top 3 for 4 months!
InsuredProfits was #1 on ClickSure for 1.5 months, and is STILL in the top 2 of the ClickSure Marketplace.
They ROCK when it comes to EPCs, their marketing gets credit cards out of wallets… and they have the PROOF to back it up.
Access the JV page here:
One of the main strategies they attribute high affiliate earnings to is called the “post-opt in funnel optimization and retention” and you can read more about it in the JV page.
Oh, and by the way, their last product – Insured Profits, hit the #1 spot on ClickSure within 6 days of launching.
Will they beat that record?
With the marketing they’ve done for Insider John, it seems it’s quite possible!
Again, you can access their JV tools page here:
To Your Success,
The CSure Team